New members of the China forum, introduce yourselves here - 2019

Hi all,

Newbie on the China forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country,
or to tell us more on your expat projects in China if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hello, I moved to Jinan a few month ago for work (am a teacher) been working in other country for a while now.

Been enjoying the good food and the nice scenery in Jinan 😊

Hello everyone. I live and work in Beijing from almost 14 years ago. I love to meet and make new friends. I can speak very fluently Chinese, so if you wanna travel or meet me here in Beijing, let me know.

I'm going to be moving to Dalian as soon as the special lady I'm totally in love with says YES.
So I need to find new friends in the city - I must give her space and not pressure
I don't yet speak Chinese (am learning and determined)
So happy to make friends

Have been in Shanghai since last two years for study, planning to start job after graduation (June-2019),

I am Dr. Punhal Khan Lashari, Associate Professor currently working as Young Scientist at Zhejiang Ocean University, Living in Zhoushan City.

I am an experienced Canadian English teacher here. Looking forward to meeting new people and offering classes to those interested.


hi Christina, great to have you here... enjoy your time :)


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Cheers from Guangdong.

Hello I am coming to Beijing, for academic exchange. I have never been in China. What do you do there? Are you a prof too?

Hi Everyone!

I'm Caitlin, a Brisbanite who is about to move to Beijing and doesn't know a soul there. I came across your profile when I was searching for Aussies in beijing in the community section, and I wanted to say g'day! I arrive in Beijing on monday, and was just hoping I could connect with a few people before then so that I maybe know where the expats are, and can find the cool spots when I hit the ground :)



Total newbie here!
I am still living and working in Scotland but planning a bit adventure in August when my husband and I and our little boy want to move to Southern China.

Any tips and advice would be super welcome!

Hi everyone!
I'm Christine, from NZ.
I'm about to spend 10 weeks in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, teaching English. I'll be there til the end of May 2019.
Is there anyone in the nearby area?


Hi there,
I'm Irish and I'm moving to Shanghai from Italy at the beginning of August to start teaching IGCSE English. I'll have my partner and daughter in tow. I'm a bit daunted but really excited to be moving to China. Any suggestions for settling in would be very welcome!

Hi All,

So I have been presented with an opportunity to decide where I would like to teach and can't decide. Shanghai, Beijing or Weifang. The cost of living is lower in Weifang BUT Beijing and Shanghai just has that big city feel.

I am nervous and excited

YES - I am new to the forum and will be moving to Dalian in July - I have met the most amazing lady ever
I am 58 and will need to find some work
I have a strong business c.v. with both blue chip corporate and own business experience
I also have extensive experience of sourcing products and components from China and am convinced I could teach Chinese sales people how to sell to western customers
I would be happy to teach English or to work in an export sales role (possibly part time) for a Dalian company
I am also enthusiastic to meet other people and develop my own circle of friends
I will be happy to receive any help, advice or guidance

Hello All, My husband & I are moving to Shanghai in June this year. My husband has got an Expat role through BP UK. We are originally from India, but live in the UK.
I would be looking for a job in Shanghai. I currently work as an Senior Account Manager in Honeywell, UK. I am also keen to know more about Indian restaurants, shops, community groups. Also, I would like to know about accommodations with common facilities like gym, swimming pool, etc. Looking forward to connect with you all.
Thanks Shweta

NIHAO!! I'm William Noble. I am hopefully moving to Zhuhai this summer. Later, I hope to move my daughter and wife with me. I have taught ESL online since 2006 to Chinese students, but now I will teach them in person. We currently homeschool and live in Quezon City, Philippines. I am originally from upstate New York and moved here in 2004.

Hi All, I previously commented on this post re. my dilemma of not knowing where to choose in China to teach. I chose Weifang. My partner will be traveling with me and we are hoping to find him a job. He is a chef and a really good one so I'm sure with China being a wonderful place he will find a job soon. Is anyone here living in Weifang currently?

Hi all Joshua here!

I'm a Malaysian and I have been living in Shanghai for a while now.

I love making videos and comedy. I have access to some fancy cinema equipment, so if you want to shoot a video with your buddies, or for your company, or just for yourself let's talk!


Hello planning to move. In June. Thank you

China has long become my home country. It has its own charm ;)

Hi Expats,
We are finally in Shanghai! I am wanting to catch up with other expats over a coffee or tea  to talk about living in Shanghai long term and your experiences.

Many Thanks!

Hi there,
Coming to Shanghai tomorrow for the 1st time. Sadly only for couple of days..then to Hangzhou..
But I would love to catch up with some expat from any nationality.

Hi, my kids are living in Xiamen. Where are you located?


Hey all expats in Jinan

My name is Lance, my wife and I moved here about a week ago and we absolutely love it here. We would love to connect with fellow expats in Jinan or surrounding areas.

We both teachers from SA.

Look forward to hearing from you fellow expats


Hi, i am Eb, relocated to Chongqing...

Hello All,
Im Adrian a very talented individual from the US: Miami Florida to be exact. I just moved to Shenzhen 2 weeks ago in routes of becoming a English/Art teacher. I am into Music, fashion, Art, good food, and great experiences. I hope to meet like minded people and build great relationships. looking forward to enjoying my stay here.

greet you, Adrian, which school you re teaching ?


I will be moving to China this summer to begin teaching English in the new term!


Hi, I’m new to and in China. I just relocated to Hefei, Anhui Province from NYC. Anyone in my city or close? Would love to meet new people and connect to hangout or travel. If you come my way, you can also reach out too.

I speak English and 3 types of Chinese language.

Let’s grab a coffee, tea, or a bite.

Don’t be shy, say hi...😉

Hi there, I will be moving to Hefei in July. DId you go yourself? Did you find it hard getting somewhere to live? Hope you are enjoying it!

Hi Coreyh,

Thanks for responding. Yes, I came out just me, myself, and I. 😊 The company I work for had an apartment for me. As for enjoying it far, so good.

The locals are nice and there are quite a few expats here, but of course not as much as the 1st tier cities. Maybe when you get out here we can connect. How long will you be here for?


coreyh :

Hi there, I will be moving to Hefei in July. DId you go yourself? Did you find it hard getting somewhere to live? Hope you are enjoying it!

Awesome, I'm doing the same but I'm a bit nervous. That would be great. I'll be out for a year, maybe 2 depending on the terms of contract! :) Yeah that sounds great!

Cool. Definitely get WeChat if you don’t have it already. We can communicate through there. I’ll PM you. 👍

Newbie as well :)

Fotios from GREECE, currently living in the UK
Coming in Shanghai in September for work (initially 6months with option for extension).
My partner is chinese so she will be a valuable help for me BUT uncertainty and questions still exist
reg how much is a good salary, good/reasonable locations to rent a flat, etc etc etc!

A lot to ask! but i am excited as i really liked the city when i visited back in December!!

Nice to meet you all and see u around :)


I am Chinese in shanghai, I'd like to make friends with you.
I run garments trading company.  :)  ****


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Personally I suggested to choose Shanhgai, Here you can bring all your talents and potentialities into
fully play. Weifang is a small city, not bad, the people there are HONEST.  you can live a very good life and more respected  there. but The 2 cities will bring you quite different feeling, you can meet many
new foreign friends in Shanghai, a lot of NICE places to hang out but you cannot in Weifang.

wow, so many people here. I'm a newcomer in Shanghai but have learnt more from Internet. If any translation or interpretation related, you can contact me:)

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