Leasing the apartment - approximate annual lease (Sliema)

Hi everyone,
I am new to the forum and the community here - so I would like to greet you all first.
My question is more of an inquiry - I am looking to lease/rent an one-bedroom apartment in Sliema, starting from March, according to the  work details I have set with the company on Malta.
So, what would monthly lease be for a 50-ish square meter, one bedroom apartment? Since I am planning to live and work there, I would kinda like to avoid being treated as a tourist, in regard of the price. I know that the estate renting is probably jolly for the locals in respect of tourism being number one income for Maltese economy, but I wish to avoid "tourist" label and get a decent lease :)
So, any ideas regarding approximate lease, housing costs, mandatory services (I do have certain info, but I would really appreciate if some of you guys who are there for some time already can share some additional info).

if you do not want to be treated like a tourist - don't live in Sliema :)

700-900ish should be enough


Please see:


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