Moving to Cuba next year


My Cuban husband and I have been living in Japan for the last 10 years (I teach English here), and we're fed up with the rat race!

We're building a house in Vinales, and plan to move there next year. I can't imagine a bigger contrast than that between Tokyo and Vinales, so I'm pretty nervous. I've visited almost every year for the last 10 years, so I know that there are almost no expats in the area.

It would be great if I could get in touch with expats already in Cuba to find out about the paperwork I'll need to do before arriving, and whether it's possible (or worth) shipping personal belongings.

Any information gratefully received!!

Hi, My name is Elizabeth

I do know something but still looking for information for myself too.

But I can tell you that if you have a address than you can send your things by shipment. Things in Cuba are almost 3 times more experience than normal. The reason why is because when you go to Cuba and you take an electric item you have to pay for it like if you are buying it. Now is this law for everyone, I do not know but I will inform you how was my trip that I am going on July 2018. I will staying for 30 days. I still have my plans to move to Cuba but that plan is in hold now because I just started a new business and I would like to see where it leads to but I am looking forward to still live in Cuba after I have made it in the USA.

Anything email ***
Great to write to you, Elizabeth

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my wife and I are Cuban-born and we're planning on moving to Cuba soon, may be in the next 3 to 4 months. She already obtained her citizenship back. We have 2 boys 6 and 7 respectively that don't speak any English whatsoever and I'm concern about that.  One thing I have in common with you guys. I lived for 4 years in Okinawa, Japan while I was in the military.  I don't have a house yet but I'm planning on buying one. I would love Pinar del Rio but my entire family lives in Havana. So, I must buy a house there. I will stay traveling back and forth between Cuba and USA as I'm a health professional who went to school here and don't know if I'll make it in Cuba.
Please let me know anything you can find out!


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