Retiring to Thailand

I’ve decided, we’ll lets say I’m 99% decided that Pattaya is the place I’d like to retire to. Based on my research - looking at property prices for the last 4 weeks in Pattaya, Phuket and Chang mai the three destinations I had decided on, Pattaya offers pretty much all of what I need - close to a beach, not far from Bangkok, lots of places on the outskirts that will still give me the privacy and peace and quiet I’d like. So Pattaya it is then, yet another step closer to attcheeving my dream......

Hi Terence
I'm retiring in May to Thailand but I'm more of an inland person, less tourists looking for you know what and inland has so much to offer including better cost of living. All the best and keep doing your research as I have done to make my choice



If you don’t mind me asking what island have you decided on and why

I think you misread it, I’m going inland rather than an island 👍
I’m retiring to Nachon Ratchidima (Korat)  house prices are really good and cost of living very low. Plenty to do and all locals polite and friendly. I do have a Thai partner who knows the area so that helps.


I do apologise, it sounds a really nice place, I’ll keep doing the research thank you all the best

terencenicholls :

I do apologise, it sounds a really nice place, I’ll keep doing the research thank you all the best

Just a little info regarding real estate advertisements. There are many ads where the properties are listed by multiple agents who just copy the ads but do not know the owners. Also, I found that many ads are several years old and the properties are not available. They use the ads to generate business and will offer to help you find other properties. If you give your email I found it better to have 2nd email address. You will start getting junk emails with no way to unsubscribe. Also, be sure before putting deposit because in most cases I found the deposits are not refundable.

My advice is to rent for a year to give yourself time to look around and decide the best place for you, because once you buy you're committed. Sometimes not easy to sell, because there are thousands of properties for sale.

Good luck...

Thank you for the advice Zeus.wmo renting for a year does sound like a sensible idea.

You're most welcome. I lived in Pattaya for 6 mths then moved to Bangkok 1 year ago. I travel once a month so wanted to be close to airport. Pattaya was fun...
Kindly, Zeus

Pattaya, home prices, beach!!!!   Famous last words for countless farang.
Rent and keep your money in your home country. Rentals are cheap and if you get tired you can MOVE.
Thailand is a wonderful country for retirement IMO, but it needs to be taken with a very open mind and a grace period of at least a couple of years before you decide to spend a dime...
My opinion anyway..  Good luck

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