hi everybody :)

i'm Barbaros from Istanbul/Turkey..

in 2018, me, my wife and our 6 years old son will be moving to Montenegro.
there are some business ideas in our plans which we can deal with,
but we don't want to decide fast. we have time..

first of all, we love Montenegro, we really do :)
living in a place which you love, makes you feel much more happier,
and a city which is inhabited by people who loves that city, is much more positive place..

we hope to be there lately in the summer,
till then, we will be visiting the country for several times for organisations of our living..

i wish everybody a healthy and lucky life, at the places that they love
and hope to share a helpful support via expat.com..

COngratulations on your move.

Montenegro is a beautiful country. There are a lot of Turkish families that have moved to Podgorica recently. 4 of them are in the school I run, so we have 6 Turkish kids in total ;-)

All the best to you in 2018!

Hi! Great to hear! Do you know if there is any turkish community or organisation which held some events, language meetings etc?


we live in Tivat,
and there are Turkish families here.
mainly these are connected over our school, KSI.
there are some activities based on friendship groups,
but not like formal meetings..

best regards..

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