Finally here

Hi everyone.

After traveling here for more than 12 years, we’ve finally made the move. My family and I moved here (2 kids - 2 year old son, 8 year old daughter) from New York. We are thrilled to be here on a full-time basis (finally) and would love to meet others who have relocated and make friends. We are currently staying in Herceg Novi,  but we make it to Budva and Podgorica on a weekly basis.

welcome! wishing you all happiness on your new journey.

please do not hesitate to contact me for any question or problem.


Thanks, Murat. Are you in Podgorica?

nope. I am in Budva Becici.

Really nice, Tyge!!! I'm moving to Montenegro too, with my wife and my 6-years-old son. December 13h I'm arriving there. We'll live in Igalo. Would be nice to meet you and your family!


Yes! Let’s plan on getting together when you arrive. We are very close to Igalo. My local number is +*** I can be reached on WhatsApp at *** We look forward to meeting you and your family.

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Good to hear Tyge,
              My family and I are debating when to make the move and experience the life style aboard . We are looking at the open coming summer as a possible departure . Was wondering , did you have any unexpected situations or experiences.

We did not have any unforeseen problems. I will say that if you come during the tourist season (April - September), you will end up paying much higher prices for rent. Very few locals will negotiate a long term lease with you at a reasonable price during those months. You are better off negotiating rental leases during the off season.

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