Life is beautiful in Nairobi

Hello Nairobi 
This is captain Elisha Asha Latha from Bangalore  India
Am here for 50days stay am on a project to train medical engineers on Dialysis at KMTC
Basically am a professor  in Nursing my profile is faculty  medical training  felt good here. I am a Christian  so I attended CITAM parkland  church  it's good wish we'd get a job to be here for long time

Hi Capt Elisha Asha Latha and welcome to the forum.

Feel free to drop an advert along with your cv in the Jobs in Nairobi section of the website. It could land you an aopportunity.

Perhaps you could also contact the University of Nairobi.

all the best,

Thanks bavna kind of u

Hi. Even am from Bangalore. Movie to Nairobi this month end. Is it ok to adjust in Nairobi after living in Bangalore??

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