Just moved to Nairobi - looking for friends

I moved to Nairobi three weeks ago and I am looking for friends :) Anyone out there?

Hi Heidrun,

Welcome to Expat-blog! :)

What is your first impressions of Nairobi?

I'm sure you will make lots of new contacts on the site.

Enjoy your stay with us.

Hi Heidrun,
Welcome to Nairobi. I'm a Nairobi gal living abroad but will be in Kenya for a few months starting mid-june.

Hi Heidrun,

Welcome to Nairobi. We have an expat get together at K1 Klubhouse on Saturday at Parklands. Feel free to join in you will find many expats there.


Hi everybody,

Thanks very much for your welcome messages. From the little time I spent in Nairobi I love it! My impressions are a lot better than on previous brief visits during which I mainly saw the airport and our office ...

Hi Val, Thanks for letting me know about the meeting at Klubhouse. I would like to come but I am moving houses on Saturday so would not be able to make it. When is the next meeting? Are they regular and at what time?



Hi no worries, we have it every month the next one will be posted on this site
check out the events page


Hi !   I am local and if you need any guide or ideas please contact me on nshah71[at]live.com
Thanks Nikhil

Hi! I am also new in Nairobi, would love to meet you and discover the city together! It seems pretty cool out there! I'm from Mexico, and you? I am staying close to Sarit Centre... Ill be back in the city on Sunday, perhaps we can go for dinner next week... : )

Hi Heidrun and ingridbiv,most welcome you can always get in touch with me via mail,or call +254721805443,would be happy to make friends and show you around,am also in the tourism and travel industry cheers!

Hi ingridbv,

Welcome to Expat-blog! :)

i dont live in kenya but i would like to now how you got over there ie finding a job and somewhere to live. and i how you find some freinds over there

Hi Ryan,

Concerning your job search, please start a new topic on the Kenya forum. Thank you for your comprehension.

NICe to see so enthusiastic people out there in this forum of  NAIROBI,
I will be soon visiting the Place and may be staying there for couple of month,,
catch you all there, take care of your health and god bless you all


hi heidrun, all...
i've come back to Kenya recently. Very interested by any meetings, and contacts too. Welcome to Kenya,
See you soon,

thanks carol,, really very excited to visit the beautiful Kenya


Greetings to all, seems there are a lot of people arriving and new joiners!

Hi Ingrid, hi Carol,

Just moved houses so very busy but I would love to meet up for dinner next week if not too far from Westland - traffic here is dreadful in the evening. Any suggestions?



Hi Heidrun, the only place I know so far is the Art Cafe in Westgate, why don´t we go there? You can write me at ingridbervas[at]gmail.com. Anybody want to come??? LEt`s make it FRIDAY AT 7PM... Please confirm ok?? Bye!

welcome to Kenya Heidrun / Ingrid - hope you have a great time

My partner and I are moving to Nairobi... He is already there and I will be joining him in 3 to 4 weeks.... his number is +254704913492

We are both from London and are looking for new friends. 

Hope to hear to from you! xx

Hey people..I am Mandy.A Kenyan who has lived and studied in Nairobi.I have afew places I could suggest for starters so that you get a feel of what Kenya is really like.Its almost peak season for Safari's and fun stuff and am looking forward to meeting new people making friends and introducing you guys to the beautiful country that is Kenya.
Please feel free to contact me for any enquiries or just for a meet up...my email orindy1[at]yahoo.com.
Do enjoy your stay and the warmth of our great and beautiful peopel.
God Bless.

Hi Friend,

I am coming to Nairobi on 10th July.......I am also looking for new friends........plz msg me ur /!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\ or facebook Id..

Be in touch!!!

am here.any time :)

hey guys!
a great discussion here little chip in, there is a group in face book Nairobi Expat social group. sent a request to join,then you will be able to post your views,suggestions of anywhere you would wish to go and the group comes up with events collectively.its an easy way of having enough friends of. all over the world and enjoy staying safe and happy in kenya.trust me the group is awesome!

hi, how are you liking your experience in Kenya?

Hi everyone, new in Kenya..  Heidrun have you been to the K1 Klubhouse at Parklands if yes how was you experience.

hi. hope your doing fine and enjoying your stay in nairobi.
open to establishing friendship with you.
if on facebook. georgestone86[at]yahoo.com or +254 721 233 770.really looking forward to being your friend.
i want to learn ,share,experience new friends.
im working in my own ventures,schooling also part time.
thanks. george

I am also new to Kenya, just moved to Nairobi 10 days ago, and loving it :). We are a small family of 3 (baby 3 months old), and I would love also to meet some people here to chat and socialize, and drink tea with other expat wives :) - thats how I imagine life here :))

message me ur email of facebook id (just note that u r in Nairobi)

and where are these expat meetings are taking place? would love to go there as well (but for some reasons internations.org doesn't accept me to the site...

hi. my facebook email. georgestone86[at]yahoo.com.
you can also kindly check the group from office to grassroots.
wish you a happy stay in kenya and that in each day you will find a new reason love kenya. thaks in advance. g

hi, u can call me up on 0723 120 345, guess we can be friends. am nelly.

Hi guys,I can see that there are very many of you who are new in Kenya. Karibu Kenya.
I have thought of something...how about we do a get-together dinner for all you new guys? How about Sunday the 11th at 6:00 pm at Westgate shopping mall? For those with other suggestions or questions,they can just post on the page.

Who is in?

hey, very good idea. am in. ears, hands, legs and brains. my number is 0723 120 345.regards.

good idea Chicita, let me know

Ok Soledad1,let me see the kind of feed back that we get,then give you details. You can also call on +254729 079 046 in case you have more ideas or suggestions...

wewelcome to nairobi

Hi Guys

There is a group in Nairobi, of x pats lady's that meet up every Friday for lunch. Plz contact me for more details



hi heidi - i just moved to nairobi and am keen to meet new friends too :)

msg if you would like to meet up sometime, I'm keen to go to dance classes if you have any advice


hej heidrun!
ruf mal an wenn du frei bist und ausgehen moechte.
Bin Kenianer, habe in Dland fur ein Jahr aber bin zurueck.Uebrigens, wo wohnst du?
0722871134 solutta[at]gmail.com

Arch. Lutta

Solutta :

hej heidrun!
ruf mal an wenn du frei bist und ausgehen moechte.
Bin Kenianer, habe in Dland fur ein Jahr aber bin zurueck.Uebrigens, wo wohnst du?
0722871134 solutta[at]gmail.com

Arch. Lutta

In English please ..

Hi Heidrun, hi everyone,

Me too I'm looking for friends, let's get together some time!


Hi everyone,
Would be glad to make new frineds.
You can inbox me.
Karibu Kenya.

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