UAE Dubai Work Visa with criminal record

Hi all,

I've posted before, I'm so unlucky...

I have a spent criminal record from common assault and criminal damage.

I got a job offer and due to start in February 2018. I came back from Dubai yesterday to meet up with my work colleagues and loved every single part of the work environment and the country.

Just found this:
It says, the UAE government will start doing police check from their home country to find if expats have passed criminal records. … s-1.694407 … n-workers/

Why does the process have to change now? I handed my resignation letter to my employer in UK on January 1st, 2018, as the job in Dubai given me a contract before Christmas. Now I'm going to be employer by the end of January 2018. Ahhh...

I lot of countries are doing this now, or even if the country isn't employers are requesting this.

Thanks. I agree with you, a lot of countries are doing this now. I was honest to the employer about my criminal record. Oh well, things happen for a reason- time to apply for a new job in UK.

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