Enrolling children in public school

Hello!  This is  Jennifer and my husband and I are planning to move to Estepona this summer with our 10 And 14-year-old sons. Our intention is to enroll them in the Spanish public schools and I am wondering what documentation I will need In terms of birth certificates, school records, medical records etc. and if there are any specific immunizatiobs they may need specifically for Spanish schools that we may not see in the United States.  Do these documents need to be translated?

Iam also wondering how long I should prepare the enrollment process will be? Will we even be able to do it in the middle of the summer? Will school offices be open?   Will our address dictate what school we have to send them to you if we are wanting to do public?  Or will we have any choice??  It looks like the public school year starts mid September, is that right?

Thank you for any insight!!


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I can't answer all of your questions but yes in Europe the School year does start in September.it's compulsory to send your children to school so yes they can start mid term. Not completely sure it what you mean by school offices bring open?

Jennifer, my family is moving to Spain from New Mexico, US, this year also with our 12-year-old daughter.  My husband and I are going to Madrid and Valladolid and Salamanca next month, February, to interview schools, both public and international schools.  We were told that we may not have a choice of schools if the school is public.  The information is conflicting with others.  All schools we have contacted have been very open to interviewing with us.  We will hopefully learn a lot about our choices and what we need to register.  I understand registration is necessary by this March for school beginning in September.  I will reach out to you again once we have more info.  Greatest of luck with your plans!   

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