Exiting the Philippines and entrance to Vancouver

Hello Everyone!

I'm rizlyn! And I'm looking forward to work in Vancouver Canada, and I have already stamp on my passport which means a Visa from my employer there!
After I got my passport I thought it would be easier to leave my country and work already in Vancouver, but I'm wrong 😔
My employer need a Agency here who will process and give POLO verification, But unfortunately  I found a agency here and I brought  all of my documents needed listed.but the agency doesn't accept my application because I'm still 22 years old and they said that they can't process it. Because the qualified age they accept and also to POEA  is 23 years old😔 and I'm not 23 yet. It's frustrating me so much . I spend a lot of money for procecing and we are not rich.  I am a breadwinner of my family, And I have 7 siblings. I'm supporting my siblings tuition and etc needed  in school and etc.in general I need to work as soon as possible for the sake of my family. I would like to know Maam/Sir  if could anyone of you can suggest me anything that may help a for exiting here and the things I will ready entrance in Vancouver?
I would very appreciated if anyone can tell me or suggest the way really works.

Thank  you everyone in advance.

Hello Rizlyn

      POLO is the Canadian  Philippine Overseas Labour Office.   I am not aware of the 23 yr. old age restriction, but I am sure it is for a good reason.   Other than pleading your case and asking for an exemption, I am not sure what else you can do, other than applying for a different type of Visa  (difficult), or waiting until you reach the minimum age.

HI Bob

Thank you for your reply.
But I went to POEA and there's officer there give me suggestion that seems I have a stamp or visa already I can leave the Philippines but it depends on how I handle it for departure and arrival because the government  here is no longer connected to me if ever something happens and it depends on how I talk the immigration officer at the airport.

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