Job market for research analyst at Vancouver

Hi friends

I am planning to settle down in Vancouver. I am presently working with Datamatics Global Services as a senior research executive in Mumbai, India.

I would like to understand:

1) What is the job market for research analyst in the city?
2) generally how hard it is to find a job?
3) Housing rentals and cost of living

Any info provided would be of great help.

Thanks in advance for your time and effort.

Welcome on niravkhatri ;)

I hope that other forumers will bring their input to your several queries soon. Concerning the cost of living in Vancouver, I will suggest you to consult this website!


Hey there niravkhatri,
What industry are you looking at for working as a research analyst? Do you have a specific field? Finding a job can be simple or difficult, depending on your strategies and network. Only about 10% of open jobs get posted in classified ads in Vancouver, so tapping into a network and using different job hunting strategies (calling companies you are interested in and asking for informational interviews, networking at industry events) can be excellent and fruitful strategies.

Based on my experience, depending on your background, it isn't too hard to find employment when you have training and experience. People looking for fulfilling entry level jobs can struggle in Vancouver, but if you are further in your career, it's not as difficult.

Hey lovellrelocation

Appreciate your time and effort for responding.I am working as a research analyst with IT sector mainly IT services, but open to other sectors as well.

Also it is quiet difficult to get an offer for employment in Canada from India.

Are you an recruitment consultant? Are you aware of some openings in research and analytics?