Hello people! Moving to VC, career advice needed!

Hey Everyone!

Ive just applied for a one year work visa for Canada, I would love to spend it in Vancouver, I heard great things about the place! Of course this will all depend on if I can find work or not. I'm a civil engineer with 6 years experience. Im taking a bit of a gamble and leaving my job to travel so there no going back! I would really like to get some work in the civil engineering field or construction related to build on my experience! So can anyone tell me what the job situation is like in VC at the moment? I've been looking on all of the job websites but I would like to hear from someone on the ground. I would be really grateful for any feedback good or bad! Look forward to hearing from you.

Neil :D

Hello Neil,

I think you will be just fine for your job hunt, here in Vancouver engineers have good opportunities. If you want to learn more about the job market here, maybe you should try to look on this website 2vancouver.com, they give lots of insights on the life in Vancity! Try this page about employment: 2vancouver.com/en/categories/work

Best of luck in your search!


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