Information on job market in Canada - specifically Vancouver & Toronto

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I am a UK national and just came back from a 2 week visit to Vancouver and a one week visit to Toronto. Previously I wanted to live in Toronto, but now i prefer Vancouver. I am a Purchasing manager and wondered what the job market is like in Vancouver at the moment?
I am thinking of coming over for 6 months to find work as it is too difficult to find a job from the UK and I work for a local government here, so I cannot try and get an international transfer from my employer....worse luck!!

Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi there

What a terrific post.  Myself and my husband are thinking of moving to Vancouver from Galway, Ireland.  We will need to get visias but we need to get sponsorship first to get there.  Is it hard to get work before we move there?  Or is it worth taking the chanc moving over with no work.  Would love to know what you think?

Thanks for your help in advance.


There are some Vancouver & Canadian career/job search resources listed here.

I guess you could look up job postings in your field and then use that as a starting point.