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Minimum salary of husband to get family visa for me in BD?

Apologies for my previous reply.

The foreign employee’s monthly net income (as per the SIO registration) must be BD 250 or more.

This condition does not exist in Bahrain if i am not wrong, your husbands employer will have to apply for a dependent visa.

logicalindian :

Apologies for my previous reply.

The foreign employee’s monthly net income (as per the SIO registration) must be BD 250 or more.

This condition does not exist in Bahrain if i am not wrong, your husbands employer will have to apply for a dependent visa.

Correct.  That's what I know as well. 

In places like the UAE, YOU sponsor the family i.e. you don't need the employer except for them giving you a salary certificate.

Here, the employer needs to apply for you through EMS.

I have already family visa .next month finish.if i want to renew the family visa my husband want 400bd salary or previous salary?????

Not sure but I don't think renewal should be a problem. The salary check is usually done for new visas.


I am a mother working in bahrain. I am just wondering if anyone here knows why cio takes so long to process my children visa. They have rejected thrice due to no objection certificate, then address issue and now after resubmiting still in process for 2 weeks. Further when i use online system there is no record of my children application.  But when i called they said its processing under cio office. Can anyone here explain why? Thank you

The rejection is not usually from CIO.  For NOC, it is directly from LMRA.   The address issue is potentially CIO i.e. primary expat address.

But you mentioned visa i.e. did you apply through LMRA in their online system?   did you get a visa application number?

My employer apply for me. I dont have application number just passport. But when i called they give me application number still no record. But when i called there said under cio. I have a baby at home. I need to bring asap. I came because my visa expire if i dont enter within 6 months of visa approval

After my employer explain my husband is following me lmra approved and its stuck in cio. Thats the weird part

I still don't understand as it is a lot of conflicting information.   I am assuming the following:

1) You are on a valid work visa
2) Your visa is through LMRA
3) Your husband is not in Bahrain
4) You gave attested birth and marriage certificate as well as attested NOC from your husband.  By attested, I mean, stamped by Bahrain Embassy in home country or MOFA Bahrain
5) You have a CPR with chip updated for your address

If all of the above steps were followed, then it should not take long.  And yes, it is standard for the application to be rejected if NOC is not provided for a mother sponsoring her kids.  Also, it is normal for application to be sent back for address issues i.e. no address in EMS or no CPR of primary expat.

Your employer needs to raise an esupport ticket with LMRA and / or visit CIO in person.  It could be a system glitch for your application which no one may look at unless followed up.

Thank you sir. Can you kindly inform me where is cio office i am new in bahrain . I really appreciate your detail explanation. I agree with you i also suspect system glitch. Hopefully you can inform me where is the office is it lmra office?

My suggestion is to ask your employer or his authorized agent to go.  LMRA or CIO will not entertain you as an individual.  It must be followed up through the authorized person of your company.

Yes you are right they asked me for appointment. I have a baby at home that i am worried. I notice in the system there is no record for my child. Is it possible for my baby to come first? Will it conflict with the application? Further immigration also require return ticket right?

If the application has been lodged then the baby cannot come on another visa.  Unless the application is withdrawn.   No they don't require return ticket for permanent visa applications.

I remember cio rejected my application due to the address but in the system there is no record. Will it be possible that its still at cio because they are merely not processing instead of technical glitch. I am sorry i am desperate mother here. Sleepless night worried. Thank you. I will definitely ask my employer to check . Further is it possible it will be approved in 2 days? Both me and husband has valid visa here.

Its ok, I understand.  It is probably a system glitch because if your employer filed the application then it should appear - rejected or not rejected or in process wouldn't matter.

Just check from your employer if it was filed online with LMRA and what is the application number.  Then check on express services.  If you don't find it, call LMRA help line and give them the reference and ask for status.  They will tell you where it is at - even as an individual.  At the very least, you will know that it is in the system.

Tq sir. Pls pray for me and my daughter. Tq also for your lengthy explaination. Do you think they will identify this later that there is system error i am not quite sure whether my employer will do it immediately. Also in your opinion will it takes weeks to resolve this issue?

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