Want to live in Dubai

Hello, I'm Facely Gautreaux, I'm Dominican, dentistry student !, Happy New Year for everyone, let's make a better world every day, fight and fulfill our dreams, I'm here because I want to learn a lot about Dubai, and I want to go live in Dubai time there, soon!

you are most welcome to Dubai.

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Welcome in advance to your future new home :)

Welcome ,it is best place to live, hope you will have nice time here

You are welcome. Wish you all the success


Dubai is very peaceful and safe country.

You are most welcome to the parody on earth

r u looking for roomshare or coming soon like this month or ?

multi language multi nationality safe and money talk here


As a woman, I can say that Dubai is a safe place for us. If you are earning well here you can do and experience lots of things.

Welcome to Dubai! (in advance :))



Dubai will be a great place for you. As said by most members above, Dubai is a place where you can see people from multiple cultures and races. It is a great place for earning. It has a lot to offer for fun enjoyments and activities too. You can read the blogs about Dubai tourism to see and understand the scope of fun and entertainment in Dubai. Educate yourself about Dubai and its prospects. Wish you good luck with your emigration plans.

Oh yeah Welcome Onboard this is surrely a good decision to live in Dubai.... Ensure to let you know lot many fun and facts on Dubai..

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