I am Dr.Karunarathna from Galle and currently living in Gampaha, Sri Lanka
If you can do me a favour by giving some information about Newzeland I would be much greatful to you
My wife is going to do a postgraduate degree in  Newzeland in IT
May I know some information before we migrate there
If I am also going there with her with my abroad leave is it easy to find a part time job there
And as I herd students partner also can only work for 20 hours per week
Is that true
Is it enough to cover our daily expenses like cost of living
Because If I am leaving I have to decide correctly
We have a 2 years old kid also
Tution fees are already arranged from here

Thank you so much

For cost of living
20 hours a week will not cover living expenses.

Thank you so much for your kind reply
If my wife can work for an another 20 hours per week
Would it be enough for expenses

It depends where in NZ you will be living.
There are transport costs, medical insurance cover,  child care for your child as well as other living costs.

Thank you
We are planing to move to Rotorua, Newzeland
I think it is not an expensive choice

Rotorua is cheaper than Auckland but is not cheap. This due to Auckland people moving out to places like Rotorua, Hamilton, Tauranga.
2 bedroom rentals in Rotorua are between $270 to $380 a week.

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