Moving to Toronto in Feb 18, help needed!

Hi all you lovely people,

I work for a private auditing firm which is opening a new office in Toronto, I am moving to work there for long term after working in the Delhi office for 5 years.

Brief about me: 27 years, male, single, adventure seeker, straight
Office location in Toronto : Downtown of course
Salary : 70,000 per year
Why information above: So you can help me answer to these questions below?

1. Should I buy winter wear when I arrive in Toronto or buy before hand?
2. What are the best and economical places/websites/stores to buy winter wear in Toronto
3. Which are the affordable hip places/neighbourhoods for singles in Toronto to live in
3.1 : What is a decent amount for a 4 piece bath, one room apartment in/near downtown
3.2 : How should I go about finding a place, how did you guys do it
4. I have a driving licence in India, will it be valid in Toronto/Canada, I have it since 2008 and driving since then?
5. What are the good ways/sites/activities to meet people in Toronto and make friends, specially girls?
6. Where do Indian live in Toronto?
7. Which cellular service provider should I go for?
8. Can I buy/lease a car just after arriving as I will not have a credit history initially?
9. What are the fun activities people indulge in on weekends/weekdays?

Thanks for your patience while reading above, I have plethora of questions coming to my mind as I am sooo excited to this new journey in life and I hope you would kindly help me out.

and Thanks a lot!

1- Buy From Canada
2- Walmart
3- Pickering / Ajax ... Close to Downtown and less cost
3.1 - +/- C$ 1,400
3.2 - Try
4- NO, you need to apply for the Canadian DL, its 3 Steps; G1, G2 and then G. It takes a minimum of one year to have the G
5- be your own ...
6- Mainly Brampton / Mississauga
7- Rogers / Fido
8- need to have a DL and credit history ...
9- You name it you get it

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