Finasteride/Propecia/Proscar availability in Hanoi and Vietnam.

Hey, ran out of my last prescription of finasteride and was wondering if substitutes exist and if anyone has any leads on if pharmacies have it openly available or if only possibly by doctor visit? Using specifically for hair, not for urinary tract.

There is a pharmacy (unfortunately I don’t remember the name or exact address) on Hai Ba Trung; past Vo Thị Sau across from the pink cathedral (nha tho tan dinh).  The generic version is PRORID and no prescription is required.  About 75 cents a pop.

If you need exact address drop me a line and I will write it down next time in the hood.

Any tips on finding finasteride in Hanoi specifically?

i am looking for Finasteride , 1 mg for hair loss. Can anyone recommend where i can get it in hanoi?

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