Travel to Bahrain by Causeway for single woman.

Hello everyone.😇

I am Pakistan national and GCC resident(Iqama holder) of Saudi Arabia.I am female,single and dependent on my Father's visa.Can I travel to Bahrain alone Via Saptco Bus?I have relatives in Bahrain.
I have my Valid Passport,Iqama,Bank Statement And exit re entry visa.

Yes u can travel.

Thanks for your reply.
I want to ask plz tell me do you have any personal experience or do you know someone who experience this causeway traveling alone being a single(dependent)women?
Because there is also some people who says that I can't go alone I have to travel with my that's why I am really confused     :unsure    :(

There are two seperate points here:

1) Can you travel alone?   yes you can if your father has marked the permission for you to do so
2) Can you get visa on arrival in Bahrain?  no you cannot as you have a dependent Iqama. This means that your sponsor i.e. your father needs to come with you for you to get visa on arrival

The best alternative is for you to apply for an evisa to Bahrain and then you can travel alone via the causeway.

Thanks sir for your reply .actually in last 2 years I travel to Bahrain thrice but now I got rejected 4 times by evisa...
That's why I was planning to go on arrival by road/by air..

Yes you can travel alone visa the causeway , your father does'nt need to accompany you.

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