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Hello everyone.

I recently moved to Bahrain and I´m looking for a hair salon, any ideas?  and how is the price?

Thank you !

Hi Lauga and welcome to the forum,

I'll let the lady members reply on that one :p



Thanks Olivier :)  I am living in Amwaj - I know there is one at the Dragon Hotel...but if someone can recommend another ones I would really appreciate it :)

Hi Lauga!

I live in janibiya and I was recommended the beauty spot so I tried it out and they were all very nice, I think prices are similar even slightly more expensive here depending on where you went in the uk, that's for hair manicure and pedicures are quite cheap. Also over here they tend to do basic all over colour or highlight to have both which is a basic request in the uk is very expensive as they charge you for both highlights and colour separately. Hope this helps, I've only been here since end of march but this is what I've found so far :) Thanks x

Oh I've been told johnny & co are super good
For cuts too :) xx

Thanks Hannah !  That´s really helpful :)  Since I´m not familiar with prices in the UK could you tell me how much it was there for color and highlights?  :)  I´m from Iceland and it was expensive there (I guess not for you guys, but for us since the krona is so bad) I paid for example in Iceland 11000kr for cut, color and highlights, thats around 55 pounds

Where is Johnny and co located? :)
Thanks a million :)

Johnny & co have a website with directions if you just google it it should come up. At the beauty spot I was around 54bd to have highlights (full head) and manicure, pedicure and my eyebrows threaded so I think the highlights worked out about £65 ish however for full colour and highlights through is quoted from 90BD plus so I think I'm just going to have to stick with one colour throughout as my highlights just show too much roots top quickly! :) I will prob try the beautyspot again as it's close by and they were all very nice xx

I called Johnny and co !  Root color is 25bd and highlights 20bd...not bad - gonna try them :)

Men haircut in an Indian salon in the souq 3 BHD

/ )

Hahahah...arg...maybe I should just shave it all off... :)

Well for you info - I went to Toni & Guy at the Seef Mall, and just love it !  Would def recommend them. An English girl, Dominique that did my hair, and I just love it :))

How much were they there Lauga? I'm making an appointment with stephen grant Herschel I've heard he's brilliant and cuts to suit ur face shape and he's going to cut my daughters hairs too she's only one and has only had her haircut once so here's hoping it goes well :) x

Hey Hannah, well for all over color and highlights I payed 35BD, :)  I´m quite happy with time she will cut...haven´t heard about Stephen...hope it all goes well. xx

Great Lauga,

Thanks a lot for sharing :D


Ur hair was long or short at the time u did it, with that price?


Toni & Guy is one of the expensive ones in Bahrain. I don't think the prices would have changed that much since then, but still, this is a nearly 2 year old topic and some, if not all users above are no longer active on the forum

Toni & Guy are located in Seef Mall if you want to go and ask for their updated price.

Good luck!

Thanks for reply. Better to pay more than to be disappointed with the new look:)

Good day

So, what is the best salon to use? I would prefer a western hairdresser so I can explain exactly what I need for my curly hair.

Again, Toni & Guy usually employs western expats.

Nails and more in Saar opposite St Chris school. Ask for Lana. She speaks perfect English and understands and meets your expectations.

I have very curly hair (since moving here) and she has advised me on lots of ways to sort out problems and issues. Very reasonable price for such a good service

Hi Smooch303
To my opinion, for coloring the hair I love Profile Fitness Salon which is located in Mahooz near the Adliya Petrol Station.
OR ask for  Kathy in Tony and Guy Saloon, she is really perfect in cut and style the hair.  :top:

I recently found out that a member of our forum also runs a saloon at the Riffa Golf Club. I dropped in there a couple of days back. Seems a nice place and the staff knew what they were doing.

I am going to try Tony&Guy, since there is western hair dressers. I have soft,blond hair, and went once to salon here to bleach and do the low+ highlights, well I ended up with " yellow chicken" color on my hair. Wanted to cry!

Let us know how you get on at tony and guy. I've read a few bad reviews of them.

Thank you to everyone else for the recommendations.

Ok, I went to Tony&Guy and must say that I am happy :) first I asked some questions through e-mail and they replied each mail very fast. After that, I called for appointment and once again they were very helpfull. Leizel did my hair(senior stylist). I had very long hair and decided for pixie style. Consultation was included:) Mostly I was concerned for hair stylist doing my soft, fine hair, but she really did great job. Recommended :)

Thanks for the feedback MerimaK.

Yes thank you for the feedback. I've still not got round to going anywhere and my hair is just getting longer and longer. I really must go this weekend.

I promised I will :)
I am very picky when it comes to my hair, so I believe you won't regret if you pay a visit to them.


Hi Smooch, have you tried Beauty Spot Beauty Salon in Bahrain(, they have a lovely South African hairdresser there, Natalie is her name. She is really good.  Good Luck


I am a hairdresser over from the UK. I am working at Latifa Salon and Spa in Budaiya at the moment. I am TONI&GUY trained and have been teaching for the last couple of years. I work 5 days a week as well x

Hi Ellisb,

Are you still working at the salon in Budaiya? I'm living in Saar and really need to find a good hairdresser! Could you give me some contact details/price list please?


I just tried Tony & Guy over the weekend as well for a color and my husband got his hair cut there as well. We walked out super happy. I had to have my hair go through two rounds of die to get the blond out and then he had a regular cut. We also walked out with gel for him and a curling cream for me. All together we paid around 80 BD. The cut for my hubby was 10 BD. The gel and curling cream was another 10 or 15 and the rest was on my two coloring. I have longish hair (just past my shoulders).It is a pretty penny but for the first time in over a year I am very satisfied with the results. The last salon made me blond when I asked for my natural roots color which is more brunette and this time I walked out with a perfect match!
I would highly recommend them.

Hello Everyone Iam working for an Hr Company. looking for a hairstylist  for a very big saloon in DUBAI whos good in making different hairstyle . Please contact me sending your mobile no and I will call you bck.  xxx

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Hi my name is Eleana
I been a hairdresser for over 25 years in the uk
I used to have my own salon
I’m moving to Bahrain June/July 2019

I specialise in hair maintenance styling colours & cutting winning a diploma for the north east from National Hair Federation in 2004 colour trophy

Any chemical treatments either roots ,full head colour, foils , ombré , balayage any colour can be achieved and a look that will enhance any cut
Or are you looking for a trim , cut blow dry , straighten , curled .
Ear piercing

Are you simply wanting some advise or looking for a change but not sure or even a question you would normally ask your hairdresser at home then feel free to inbox me

Im here to try help you as much as I can or even ask you a question if I’m looking for something in particular in Bahrain I’m not sure of or we're to go whether it be eating out or fun things to do with my husband & son etc
Look forward to hearing from you
Enjoy your day x

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