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Hola a todos!
For a long, long time I've known I'd end up living outside the US; my friends just thought it was talk, but I knew it would happen. Well, the day has arrived...almost anyway.

Instead of looking for a new job after being laid off recently, I decided now was the right time to follow my instincts: retire and move abroad. My first priority is learning Spanish and ramping as quickly as possible. I have always loved Mexico and have often envisioned living in this beautiful country. With those considerations, I've decided to begin my relocation in San Miguel de Allende or nearby. I haven't yet visited, but the high desert location, the preserved histories, and what I understand to be a good expat support system, are attractive attributes. Regardless of where I settle forever, this feels like a great place to start.

The adventure will begin Spring 2018, and I'll be moving with "my boy," a beautiful, sweet dog I rescued from the SPCA two years ago. He's not little, but thinks he's a lap dog. He's friendly and quiet and makes me laugh every day.  I admit, I'm nervous...but more from the excitement and anticipation of the unknown. Mostly I am looking forward to the moment I take the giant stride.

Congratulations! I just moved here from Napa California 2 weeks ago. I had been going back and forth for about 2 years and just decided to take the plunge after the fires. Feel free to reach out if I can answer any questions for you or show you around when you are here. My email is ***

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Congratulations to you too! I will take you up on your offer of advice and recommendations...thanks!

any time! And feel free to reach out when you are here and we can get together!

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