Temporary residence permit validity

I’m Tunisian lady and
I’m married to Norwegian citizen
I came to Norway with fiancé permit which is valid for sex month . And we get married  and now
We  went to the local police and applied for (renewal  of the residence permit )
Now the question ! How many years will be the validity of the temporary residence permit I will get as wife of Norwegian citizen ?!
1 year or 2 years or 3 years validation ?
and what’s the processing time for my case please ?!
Tussin takk ;)

the validity depends on what UDI will grant you. It may take from 3 weeks to many months.

It varies.  My friend has hers 3 years but I only have it for 2 years.  we are both married to norwegian.  I heard of people having only 1year too.

Thanks a lot my friends for reply ... but what’s the discretion of UDI when they decide to grant the period of the residency permit ?!
The nationality of the applicant or the financial situation of the sponsor ?
Or what exactly ?!

The granting of having a residence percent is base on the financial income of the petitioner they need to meet the tax income requirements for the whole years....

In my case I am not married yet but i have a norwegian cohabitant and we expecting a baby soon,I got my temporary residence permit and it's just valid for 1 year and need to renew on time..the politi told me that I also have intittled of all the benefits here in norway,and I need to finish my norge study to have my permanent residence card which is renewal also for 2 to 3 years..until I become a citizen in due time 🤗they are not questioning about your nationality...

THanks a lot ,,,,
You all kind ladies ;)
My Norwegian husband are quite well paid in great official  position with around million kroner per year as annual income !
Is this ok to get 3 years residency permit ?

Well, you can send them an email and ask what is the basis.?

What does it matter that it is 2 years or 3 years?

I think  we all started at the temporary residence permit ,, and even 2 or 3 years validation is still needed to renew in due times😊actually my cohabitant annual income was talking about millions too,but doesnt the matter to granting me a 2 or 3 years residence permit,.😊i started with one year and doesn't the matter for me😂

So far when they give results, they don't specify yhe basis of how many years they granted you.

Based on my experience:
1st time application- I got 1 year

renewal- they granted me 2 years, which the politi told me right away, 5 minutes after I handed my requirements and she read it from the computer saying that is what UDI decided. (we don't have children yet nor was I pregnant during that time)

As for applying for permanent residence, there are new rules now, which states that we should be able to finance ourselves. Meaning no matter how high the income of our husbands are, there is a required income for us. Except of course if you are under the exempted category.

Dear Stephy ,,,
That’s great information my dear ;)
My fiancé permit about to expire soon ... it’s six minutes month permit ....
and I have got married  already applied for renewal my permit
I wonder if this renewal consider as first time application or second time as I had permit before ( fiancé permit)
I hope you understood me dear;)

I guess you'll just have to wait and see what they will give you :)

It will be a new application for Family unification.

I have skilled worker permit before I have family unification and my family unification is considered NEW and not renewal.  I had applied for Permanent residency in Nov and this is also considered NEW, even though I have family unification before.  These are different permit categories.

I know a friend who has Fiance visa and then apply family.  She too, the family unification is considered new.

If it is so important for you to stay as long as possible in Norway, just completed your norweigan classes or pass the exam within the period of your family residency permit and then try to apply for Permanent resident a few months before the end of your 3rd year stay in Norway.

And yes now there is a new rule that family unification permit holders need to be able to financially support themselves and the income calculation does not include husband's.

I don't think it will be considered as "new". According to the UDI, if you have been granted a Fiancee visa and you are now married, you will apply for a Renewal. ;)

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