squash play

Hi! Dear!
My name is kim from south korea!
I joined expat on today!

I want to find some place for play squash!
I found one place for squash near my home( almost take over 30min....)

But, i want to know where is the good squash court!
And who like to paly squash? I want to play with gooooood friend!^^

Im living in Ar Rimayah!
Thank you so much!!

We have courts at my compound in Qurtubah. Only a handful of regular players though. What level are you? I'm an intermediate (US Squash rating 3.5 - 4.0) level player. If you want to come here we can try to play on the weekends. Cheers mate.


Hey! Hi.
Thank you your super kind!

I'm an intermediate player, i played 2years. though currently a bit out of shape, so it will take a few matches for me to get back on my game. Over 1year i didnt play antmore...!!

And my job is nurse, that”s mean, my work duty is not fixed..12hr duty
If you want to play with me( i hope to play with you!) we have to arrange good time.

Thank you so much!!


I want to join as well please if possible,

I can join during weekend time as well

please let me know your suitable timing.



Hello, I also am an intermediate player interested in playing and training, how can I get in contact with you???

same here

lets play. Can I join? or maybe we'll a create a group in whatsapp

send me a personal message with your whatssapp number and we can set a group!

done sent
. plz set up a group and arrange some game. i m playing in a club near al wazarat area.

message sent...

Dear All,

I am also interested in playing squash in Al Wazarat Area. please call me ***


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Send me a personal message directly if you're interested in playing...

I play at the DQ courts - if anyone would like a game give me a shout


I am interested in joining your group for squash.

Please could you contact me on phone or WhatsApp ***

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Am interested too so If I can join, could you sent me a group link or any contact


please add me to the whats up group

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