Australian Female to Marry Tunisian Man


Im planning to Marry next year just a simple marriage in tunisia what kind of paperwork needs to be organised there and how much notice needs to be given please no negative comments against tunisian men they not all the same thanks

From my recent marriage me being british
I needed my passport my birth certificate my divorce certificate a notice of impediment which took 3 weeks in uk.
We married in Hammamet we went into the town hall and was sent to an office down the road cost us 160tnd we married the same day no appointment.
All papers had to be translated to french which cost us 40tnd.
He needed his id and birth certificate and 2 witnesses
Was quick and simple

Thankyou so much for reply :) simple is what we both want

I needed to get the same papers (instead of divorce papers it was a certificate saying that I am not married), but I had to legalise all of them in Germany. Please contact your embassy to make sure that your certs meet the Tunisian requirements, a quick phone call should be sufficient.

I got the translations in Germany too. It was more expensive, but like that the translations already had the German legalisation done.

I had to get the German paperwork legalised again in Tunisia.

Simple is not what I recall when I remember the paperwork... ;-)

Hi Bexx,
I was wondering how you went with everything above. I’m AUSTRALIAN planning to marry in December in Tunisia to a Tunisian.
Anything special worth noting? Thanks!

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