Annual Gross Salary 55,440 Euro in Belgium for a freelancer in IT


I got offer in Belgium and the agency is offering me the annual gross salary of 55,440€ (220€/day).
I would work on a contract as a freelancer.
Salary is before social security deductions.
I am single.
Provider does not offer any other benefits.
I come from Slovakia (member of EU) and I would work in Brussels as an analyst/consultant in IT.

- Could you please let me know how much net salary i will take home per month?
- Based on your experience would in average a person be able to make savings out of this salary?

Thank you.


It's impossible to answer the question. Since we do not know where you are going to pay your taxes ... or where your company is ...

Lock your trade conditions well because the Belgian tax system is not soft with freelancers ...

So if you are a freelancer (not as a sprl company), then you can normally simply expect to chop your daily rate in two - 110 for you, 110 for 'them'. This is a fairly safe rule-of-thumb. That's assuming you will be setup with a Belgian vat number, and you are being correct and honest about your expenses, and you have opted to pay the full amount for social security each quarter. It's easier and normally financially beneficial if you find a good accountant to take care of everything - but they can typically cost 2k per year.

Your gross salary estimate seems like too much because there are 260 potential working days per normal year, minus national holidays which your employer probably won't let you work, and you will probably need to take 'personal holiday' days for various reasons. So I doubt you'd work 252 days per year?? ..Unless you will be able to work 6 days per week maybe?

So per month as a net amount I would guess you would take home closer to 2200 EUR
on average.

Have you already signed? How much experience do you have?

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