PayPal In Saudi

Hello everyone,
Can someone please help me on how to use PayPal in Saudi? I have recently created a PayPal account and I  would like to know if you can receive and withdraw cash from PayPal in Saudi.
I have recently started an online job and my employers are going to pay me through PayPal. Being in Saudi I do not have a credit card yet..  will I be able to receive payments without linking any bank account or credit card information to my PayPal account?

Secondly, I am aware that I cannot withdraw money from PayPal into a bank account in Saudi but If I link a visa credit card will I be able to withdraw cash then?

If you link your credit card, you can withdraw money using your CC.

Ive only experienced in giving, not the receiving end ;)

hope this helps...

Thank you It does 👍

Do have PayPal to sell?

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