New in Ho Chi Minh, looking to meet expats

Hi there!

I just moved to Ho Chi Minh and am looking to meet expats. I thought I could rely on meetup but there's not much happening there.

Contact me if you wanna grab a drink anytime. :-)



You may want to give an age group you are wanting to meet up with.

The age doesn't really matter as long as they're expats and friendly :-)

What district are you in?

I'm in district 10 at the moment but i'm looking for a place on District 3.

Im at Hard Rock cafe this friday... meet up some Punk and Skindhead friends. Care to join?

I am ready for meeting up at Districts 1, 2, 3, 5, 10

I'll be in District 1 , visiting for 2 days , anyone for a meetup ?

Hi Priscillia,

are you still looking to make new friends? I just moved to Saigon and would be happy to connect.


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