New in Ho Chi Minh, looking to meet expats

Hi there!

I just moved to Ho Chi Minh and am looking to meet expats. I thought I could rely on meetup but there's not much happening there.

Contact me if you wanna grab a drink anytime. :-)



You may want to give an age group you are wanting to meet up with.

The age doesn't really matter as long as they're expats and friendly :-)

What district are you in?

I'm in district 10 at the moment but i'm looking for a place on District 3.

Im at Hard Rock cafe this friday... meet up some Punk and Skindhead friends. Care to join?

I am ready for meeting up at Districts 1, 2, 3, 5, 10

I'll be in District 1 , visiting for 2 days , anyone for a meetup ?

Hi Priscillia,

are you still looking to make new friends? I just moved to Saigon and would be happy to connect.


Hi Nevena,

I just moved to Ho Chi Minh too and am looking to make new friends. If you're interested in connecting let me know.


HI Nick, well come to Vietnam. Hope you enjoy the city, let community know if you need any help

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