Best Expat Banking Option in Bulgaria?

Any recommendations for an expat friendly bank in Sofia
Obvious advantage of some English speaking staff
Easy to navigate internet banking
Ability to easily receive international bank transfers in Euro and Dollars
Lots of ATMs
(And not HSBC )
Thank you for any other useful advice


In BG, I am using Unicredit, which I find pretty alright (I have a free account).. However, for international money transfers I use 'Transferwise', they have so called 'borderless accounts' now and it is pretty handy for sending/receiving Euro and USD (also GBP and AUD). You can have up to four different (free) accounts in different currencies. After receiving money into my accounts there, I simply transfer it in BGN onto my BG account. Perhaps that might be useful for you? I think it is the cheapest, no fuss option..

Good luck :-)

I can 2nd Transferwise very reliable and I know lots of people that use it and it is cheaper than bank transfer rates.

Thank you :)
Will check out Unicredit.
Transferwise is great I know but I do need the ability to send and receive bank transfers for my work-would be much happier if I could use Transferwise for that but its not much of an option really

Thank you-I know how cool TW is and use it for personal stuff, need a good bank account with international transfers for work though.

The borderless accounts are just like any other account :-) You'll have an account number and all that. The only difference is that there is no physical bank. This borderless account business is quite new, they introduced it a few months ago.

Thanks for that-
Its a while since I used them so will go back and check to see if they will fit with my clients
Much appreciated

We have used UBB for the past 6 years and have always found the staff at our branch very helpful...they also offer online banking.

Unicredit Bulbank, First Investment Bank, Reiffeisen Bank, Societe Generale Express Bank. Not necessarily in this order.

What are the formalities for opening a Bulgarian bank account?
Is it possible to also have a Euro account as well?
Appreciate  your input.
Thank you

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