Marriage in Indonesia for Foreigner

I wanted to get married in August or September 2018,  I have few questions

1. I need to obtain NOC from my embassy which is in jakarta ,  they told me that it will be valid for 4 months,  I am planning to obtain in March because i am preparing papers now.
2. After all the papers i need to submit it to KUA? i saw some where.
3. Can i submit all papers to KUA and tell them my dates of marry that will be in August or September 2018

The reason i asked to submit papers to KUA so i don't need to worry about NOC expiry.  Its really difficult to travel to Jakarta then to Other City (North Sumatra) 

Can you confirm the 3rd point if you have any knowledge that can i give them all papers in march and then tell them the dates for marry ?

I am really frustrated and i hope you'll help regarding this topic

I got married 5 years ago and it was not as complicated as that so I am not sure anymore. Perhaps have your bride to be contact the offices and ask ?

Hello @lukereg,

Thank you for quick reply ,  I already told her to go to KUA and ask them if we can provide them papers now and announce date for later months.  She'll check it,  Our religion is same (Muslims)

I am actually bit frustrated when i see few websites and they have mentioned many papers which i don't even know what they mean.  I know about N1-N5 (she'll make them so i can give to my embassy for NOC for marriage)

I hope someone here may have knowledge about it.   I am preparing stuff now because i am student and when i go there in end of semester i take care of NOC and Papers Translations from Jakarta then i come back to my country and continue semester ,  after i getting 1 month holidays in summer i wanted to marry.  Since the visa is for 30 days that is why i  wanted to make papers ready and submit to KUA now so they can allow us to marry in summer holidays of me.

I search google but didn't found any good thing where i can contact KUA directly and ask them.

My embassy told me that the NOC is valid for 3-4 months , that is other reason i wanted to submit papers to KUA now and then they allow to marry after few months.

My fiancee  is from Medan and Embassy is in Jakarta so its bit difficult to travel again and again into Jakarta.

I hope i'll get solution to my problem and someone will help me in difficult situation.


Hello! My name is Osama from Pakistan and I was also a student here in Indonesia. I just got married Last year with my Indonesian wife. If you want me to guide you deeply about all of these process then contact me via whatsapp: ***

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