life in Ben tre

Chao all I'm looking for info on what it might be like living in Ben Tre, I tried the Can Tho forum but its all 3yrs old at a minimum. Wondering what life might be like there for a westerner married to a local, much thanks for any advice.Any constructive info will be appreciated, Mark

What do you want to know?  Wife is from there and I lived there for couple years, thinking of heading back next year.  Compared to the big cities like hcmc,  people are nicer overall,  poorer but less selfish.  Kids are more respectful,  less flooding in the city, fewer job opportunities,  only 1 Shopping Centre (with cinema, lotteria, pizza company,  Baskin robins) and 1 grocery store (coop). Anything else you need?

That's not easy to answer, are you an expat that has to be surrounded by other expats, bars,cafes and social events?

If you don't need all that stuff, then yeah, you could live there no problem.

I could live in Ben Tre without a problem, because I'm not into all the expat stuff. I have been to Ben Tre numerous times, and it's a nice small Delta city that is clean and has nice wide streets.

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