just arrived in David

Apparently I did not plan as well as I thought I did. So I'm at a hotel where there's no English TV at all. I was hoping for at least closed caption and so I could read it in English but. Would like to meet up with some expats!!

Hi Candi,
Do you plan on spending time in other parts of Panama?  David is what I would consider a starting/landing city.

You are not going to find a centralized ex-pat community to the best of my knowledge.

Finding a hotel with English TV? There will be some but most of the TV stations are going to be in Spanish.

However, did you come here to watch TV? If you are alone, you may be intimidated and that is understandable. Your photo is one of an attractive young lady. If you want to walk in David during the day, you should be fine and then you will get an idea of what a typical Latin American small town is.

If you want an expat community, then take a bus and go north and within an hour, you will be in Boquete. English is understood everywhere.

I Just happen to be in David at the moment. This is where I come to buy groceries, run errands etc. I live here and do my best to speak Spanish - this isn’t a tourist town!

Hope this helps.

I thought it would be better to be around expats until I learn how things work and learn more Spanish. Everyone has been extremely friendly though. I was watching TV because I wanted to watch the football game and maybe a movie while I relaxed as I spent two days on an airplane. Good thing I know football enough I don't need the sportscasters hahaha

I live in David - 5 years now. It's not a tourist destination but to live, it has worked out very well for us.
There aren't many people who speak English here. I don't know about TV since I don't watch it.
There isn't an expat community like there is in Boquete and some other areas but for me, I like that.

I have gone on a couple of excursions to Boquete,  went on a coffee tour and I've met some very nice people. I need to learn Spanish I know very little but with Google translate it's helping me get around and ask questions. I would like to spend some time with other expats to get advice on how things work. Are there any scheduled activities so that I can meet some people? I will be in this area for about 30 days, and during that time I'll be scheduling some things in other areas of Panama. I'm just using this hostel as a home base for right now.

http://yairatutoria.com/   Excellent Spanish teacher.
There is a Gringos in David group that meets monthly as far as I know. Google might lead you to some info. Otherwise if you want expat activities you need to go to Boquete. The Tuesday morning market is often recommended.
How what works? Is there something specific?

Hi Candy,
I don't know if you plan on going to Puerto Armuelles, but there are 2 expat get togethers a week there: Wed and Sun.  There is also a monthly market on the 1st Saturday of each month.

In case you don't know, Puerto Armuelles is about 1 hour and 15 minutes from David.  It is right on the ocean.  It's other claim to fame is that it was built by Chiquita Banana starting in the late 1920s, so it is a unique town in Panama.

If you plan to visit, I can give the when and wheres of the get togethers.

Puerto Armuelles was not on my radar before but if I can catch a bus there it sounds fun.

Candi, it sounds to me like you would be more comfortable in either Boquete or Bocas del Toro where there is much more of an English speaking community.....More expensive than most of Chiriqui but another level.....More interesting, more goin on, better music, international crowd and cuisine........Just go straight up to Boquete and find a hostal that you like. Theres a bunch of em......And you will be more in your element right away......I call David Taxitown.........Its organized chaos........and in Summertime insufferably hot.......And the traffic now is like big city level......Streets badly organized and too many people with liscenses that shouldnt have them.......I by the way am looking for somebody reliable and health minded to caretake my house for a month or two.....Its in a beautiful spot but kinda far out and lonely for a newbie who doesnt know their way around nor speak Spanish......But if I can be of assistance, you can reach me at ***

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Good morning and thank you so much for responding I have been able to take a few trips up to boquete, I'm staying at the waterfall hostel outside of David. I've already made commitment to stay 2 weeks in Las Tablas after here, I think I will take your advice and head towards Bocas del Toro after that! I've never lived by the ocean and I do want to spend some time  at the ocean having a lot of new experiences. It's my own fault that I'm not better with Spanish I've been lax not using my app to learn so I have to get firm with myself and start learning.

Terry & Maryann Trumbull here in David.  Feel free to contact us at our information listed below any day noon through midnight.

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Actually I have now moved on to Las Tablas. Had to come near the ocean where I could really experience that part which is what I was really excited about coming to Panama for. I will be working my way back around to that area so I can give you a shout out when I get back over there. Have a wonderful day!

Hi Candi,
I hope you are enjoying your trip and Panama is even better than anything you expected. 
I have not been to Panama yet but it is on my radar as a nice retirement spot  :D
May I ask which part of Panama you liked most until now? are heat and humidity bearable on the coast?
I wish you safe and happy travels and a great time at Bocas del Toro if you still plan on going there.

Hi Candi,
Just read your post.  I am from Canada, have been coming to panama as a snowbird for the last
5 years.  Since you have not settled down yet to one place and are still deciding the best place
for you, I invite you to stay with me for a couple of weeks.  I know this is a bold offer, lol, but I
am by myself at this point and have extra bedrooms.  I can introduce you to the expat community
in Coronado, even though I do not live in Coronado.  I live in a small community in the mountains,
my neigbours are panamaian, and get along with all of them, and I have great access to the bus
services.  We also have an ocean view, and you are welcome to inquire more. photos available.

Wow. That is very generous of you. I would love to come visit. Lets plan something for February may be? I just got to Bocas del Toro and want to spend time in this area. Thank you so much for the invitation!

For me there were too many people in David. Las Tablas is a very pretty bustling smaller town not far from the beavh, I loved Uverito Beach. So far the humidity hasn't bothered me but summer hasn't come yet so we shall see. I just arrived in Bocas, so far its just raining.

Hello Candi - thank you so much for sharing !
So if I read you correctly Las Tablas has all your favors until now, right?

Apparently the Caribbean side receives much more rain than the Pacific side (double as much?) ... but I was googling pictures from Boca del Toro earlier today... and it looks so beautiful :)

If you can handle the humidity now, you are good to go!  I arrived back in Panama, the begining
of Oct., and we are usually here for the winter months, which is summer in Panama, and I can
tell you the humidity is much worse during the rainy season then the dry season.  In fact, I was
surprised at the difference, especially October! I found very humid!!,  Thanks for writing, have
fun exploring!!,

Hello Candi,

Thank you for agreeing to be on my contact list... I have been following your progress during your travels... Curious to hear  your opinion of Las Tablas ? My understanding, is that it is the largest town that is closest to Pedasi,  where I am spending a month from 4-15 -18 through 5-15-18. Ultimately, my present thoughts are that Pedasi will be the location that I move too when I permanently relocate.
I certainly understand your desire to watch and listen to a football game in English. lol  Personally, as much as it is clearly  not the reason you have come to Panama,  some creature comforts are  hard to break.....  It is a creature comfort that I would prefer not to do without.... Smileys,  in Pedasi has North American fare along with expats who regularly go there on I believe  Friday and Saturdays with live entertainment. They have multiple football games on every Sunday in English. I Hope all is well and that your recon is a positive experience.

Yes, in reference to Bocas, looks good from far, but far from good.........Dont find out the hard way.......stay light and unattached first..........Bocas is a tricky place.........and difficult....

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