diving lincese changing from zambian to malaysian

How can someone get a driving lincese changed to this countrys lincese? or do they ever do it or they dont its been two months all am told its not approved from putrajaya

Hy....u need to go to your embassy they can give u a paper for JPJ...in KL....there u can change or apply the Malaysia  driverlicence. ...but only when you have a visa....when you are only tourist. ..then can not. ..tak buleh. ..
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I got the paper already from my embassy was told that the changing will take about 1month now it close to teo months not yet ready am not a tourist but a spouse thank u

The rejection letter usually says something about being able to drive on valid national passport, international licence or take the local driving test (that's what it used to say anyway).

The only new bit was national licences needed validating by the issuer.

Im from germany. ...I wait one hour...then finish already. ...hahahaha sorry....why u must wait so long....

Sascha are you on MM2H - there are different rules for different visa holders ?

Such is life

A friend of mine had the same issue, it took him about 3 trips to Putrajaya to get it done. Your country is on the 'B' list (like the US) and it's not automatic. It used to be very easy, fill out the form, submit the paperwork (passport, home DL (certified by your embassy)), marriage certificate and spouse's IC - or work visa for employment passes) and wait two months. Go to the nearest JPJ branch with the approval print out - DONE get your license. My friend was rejected three times for various reasons including once without a reason and his daughter still hasn't received a license.

JPJ Site on converting DL

I'd recommend that you gather all the paperwork and make a trip to Putrajaya and speak to an officer of best their 'SUPERVISOR' (not the person at the desk - they can't do anything, normally just tell you to submit to a local office again waste of time).

Don't know when the webpage was last updated. It would be great to really know what is going on.....

Thank you will try again to go to putrajaya

Thank u will try again to go to putrajaya

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Don't know when the webpage was last updated. It would be great to really know what is going on.....

Great question. I had NO problems 2-1/2 years ago, early this year my friend was rejected. Since then I've only heard of a couple of approved convetsions.

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