Travel to ukraine

Hello, i would like some advice on travel to ukraine if anyone could help please.
I traveled to ukraine on the 8th off April and left on the16th may, i returned on the 6th june and left on 1st August a total of 97 days, i was made aware off the 90 day rule in 180 day after this.
This mean i overstayed by 7 days, when i last left airport no one at control said anything or just stamped my passport and all ok.
I am travelling back to ukraine for my fiancee birthday on 11 october, my six month period is over and has been 2 and half months since i left
Will it be ok for me too go back as i formation even from ukraine embassy in london is very varied.
I dont mind paying fine or anything so all be ok.
Could someone please advise

Eddie once more its possible no one will notice or its possible they will ask you some questions at entry that you can easily explain. Have your dates straight and your answers straight and you should do ok.
I recommend you arrive to Ukraine daytime before 5 pm so the invigoration officials are at airport and the supervisors in case the officer that receives you needs help.
Good luck with your fiancé

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