Meet an Expat Who’s Done It Already-Bahia

I am visiting Bahia and staying in Rio Vermelho to celebrate my first Natal with my boyfriend while I am there.

I would love to get together with an American Expat that lives in Bahia and hear your story of how things went for you and your advice.

Anyone care to meet for lunch, dinner or a walk? We are visiting (my son and I) from 16 Dec to 4 January.

Believe me..I have done it already. ☺I could possibly meet you two in January. I know exactly were Rio Vermelha is and been there countless times. I have to have some dental implants finalized, and will be in town then.
We live and travel between SALVADOR and Monterey,  Ca. I also need to pick up my 2ND RNC residency card as well.😃

That would be great if you could! Looks like our plan for us is to travel between San Antonio, TX for him to sell his paintings and we visit then live in Bahia. I’ll inbox you my Zap and when I get here let you know I made it and go from there. What do you do for school for the little one? I was looking at that Pan American School of Bahia.

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