Hello Everyone!! I'm Nowei and I'm a newbie here. Currently I'm working here in Thailand and just recently I found out that Brazil is visa free for Filipinos. :-) I'm interested to move there if it is possible to seek a good or decent job. If may Filipino dito, please reply in this forum. Thank you so much. Stay safe. God bless.. :-)


Hello Nowei,

First of all, this is an English language forum so kindly post in ENGLISH ONLY here in consideration of all of our members.

Regarding Brazil being "visa free" for Fiiipinos, that ONLY applies to coming to Brazil as a tourist. You are permitted a 90 day stay and entry to Brazil with just your valid Philippines passport.

Working in Brazil as a tourist is strictly prohibited and can result in expulsion from the country, so I would not recommend you try. Also employers who hire employees not having the proper documentation face heavy fines and criminal charges.

Anyone wanting to work in Brazil requires either a VIPER Permanent Visa or a VITEM-V Work Visa.

Finding a job here in Brazil is an extremely daunting task, since the law here requires that all employers prove to the Ministério de Trabalho e Emprego - MTE (Min. of Labor) that they've exhausted all avenues to place a qualified Brazilian in a job vacancy before they can hire an expat to fill it.

As a tourist, you certainly are free to LOOK for a job, but can't start it until you have the appropriate VITEM-V Work Visa. You can apply for that visa here in Brazil through the MTE, but would have to return to the Philippines in order to receive it personally from the Consulado-Geral do Brasil in the Philippines.

Also you'd really need to prepare yourself for a lot of loneliness... there are really very few Filipinos here in Brazil compared to other nationalities. I've seen postings here from some of your countrymen complaining about just how difficult it was to find any Filipino friends here. In my opinion it really would be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

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Hello Nowei
This is Dr Roy. This is too personal but would you mind if I ask XXX? I might help you. Thanks.

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Hello rrmtexas,

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Thanks for these information James. Ohh I'm so sorry.. My bad if I use my dialect.. I'll be more cautious next time.. Good evening..

Here in Brazil we don't have Filipinos living here as long as I know but differently from USA for example we don't have racial segregation. U won't need to find a Filipino community because u will easily make friends in all races here. Don't need to feel shy just talk to ur work partner and soon ull be good friends.

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