Shave, Wax or Bleach?

Updated 2010-02-26 06:14

The Brazilian bikini wax.  More and more women are opting for this because either:

1. It makes them feel sexy.
2. It's easier to upkeep.
3. That's what Brazilian women do, and they want to emulate them because they are the most sexy and beautiful
women in the world.

Personally, I assumed that it was becoming more popular in the US because all Brazilian women were getting it done. After all, how could they not get a Brazilian bikini wax when wearing such tiny bikinis? (For those who don't know, a Brazilian wax involves removing all , or almost all hair from the bikini area and sometimes buttocks).

That got me thinkng that Brazilian women must wax everything - arms, legs, you name it. But I was wrong. On numerous trips to the beaches (and everywhere really) I began to realize that many Brazilian women have legs full of hair. While many do have bikini waxes, leg waxing and shaving is not nearly as popular as in the US. Instead of waxing, some women shave, but a large majority of women bleach. That's right. Bleach. They rub a cream bleach into their leg hair so that it turns blond in the sun. Sort of like SunIn for legs. I was quite surprised to see this, because I just assumed that Brazilian women waxed everything.

I must admit that I thought it was a bit odd at first. I mean, I don't show my legs if I haven't shaved in 3 days. But now I really love the idea. Frankly, I wish it would spread to the US. Those wtith blond leg hair would never have to do anything, and those with darker leg hair could just lighten it in the sun. No painful waxing. No razor nicks. Now, I'm not sure how safe bleaching your legs is, but I welcome the idea as a new way to embrace your hair!

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