My wife is from Cali, which where we are going to move to. I do not see much of EXPAT community in Cali, as opposed to say Medellin. Is there one in Cali?

There's not really much of an expat community in Cali - but you can read this thread about at least a few who would like to get together:


I don't live in Cali but when we go there to visit my wife's family, I rarely encounter many expats or foreigners at all.  They are there, but not in great numbers, and many of them are not there to meet other expats but have integrated themselves into the culture.  Some are there also as tourists but not in great numbers compared to Medellín or Bogotá.

There are a few Cali members who are trying to put together meetings. Some members have said they are interested but not much follow up. No matter, we keep trying. One member to reach out to is MissExpatCali and, of course, me.  Staying on the positive side, anyone wanting to join in a meetup feel free to send me a friend request.

Thanks for the response...i hope I can meet some people when we make the move

I grew up in Cali in the 50 and 60's when there was a booming Expat Community.  The center of expat life revolved around the bilingual Colegio Bolivar, started by executives of US firms like Colgate, Gillette, etc...  Bolivar is still in operation although the gringo kids are few and far between, most kids are children of well off Colombianos who want their kids to be qualified to go to college in the US.

Colegio Bolivar has a weekly farmers market, that may be something to support nad hopefully meet like minded expats or Colombianos.

Thanks for the history and information about the farmer's market. Do you have any more information as to day and time for the market? I know of one organic market that I think is located around Kar 56 and Cl 12, somewhere close to that.

I get an email about it , the next one is Saturday Sept 30 from 9-3. I'm pretty sure it is at the school in Pance.

For information contact cchavez[at]colegiobolivar.edu.co
You can also look up the youtube Colegio Bolivar Farmers Market

Hi Adriana,

Thanks for the follow up.

I found a page about the garden project using Google and sent an email to Dr. Wojciech Simon Waliszewski, who is directing the garden project. He answered right away with information about the project and an invitation to come help them dig up the ground on October 21st.

I'm not sure that the garden project is the same as the Farmers Market.

Of course, you are right but the reply I received has information about the farmer's market also.

Got it!  The youtube videos make the market looks as nice as any yuppie upscale US farmers market!

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