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A number of people have indicated an interest in setting up a meetup. To get an idea of who is interested and if you are, please respond with a reply to this thread. With a diverse group, working out a convenient time and location will take some planning but I'm willing to initiate that or help if someone else wants to take the lead. Feel free to send me a private message.


I'd be keen to meet up, especially with fellow Brits!

I'll put you down as interested for a meetup. I'll be back in touch once some time passes to see what sort of responses come in.

I'm interested.....


OK. You're the second to reply interested. Hopefully this will turn into something to benefit and be enjoyed by all.

Hello everyone,

@CaliRay, once you've gathered a sufficient number of people feel free to create an event in our dedicated section : Events in Cali
If needed, we are here to provide help and support.

Cheers :)


Hi I'm interested too just joined this site today and saw the forum. Let me know!!! I  am South African but lived in the UK for 15 years so can relate with other Brits too!!!

Hi CathhySA,

Welcome to Expats and thanks for saying you want to participate in meetups. I'm going to start Monday visiting several places that could be suitable venues for meetups. Stay tuned as I'll be posting the information as soon as I know something worth passing along. If you or anyone reading this has any suggestions for a meeting place please post in this thread.


I am very interested in meet ups and would be glad to help with planning and setup

littlebhuddha and CathySA, add MissExpatCali as a contact. She's taking the lead on this. She and her husband and I are planning a get acquainted meeting this coming Friday at 12:30 PM for lunch. If you're interested and can make it message me.

Hey, do you have any upcoming meet up? I just been here for 3 weeks

A number of people indicate they want to join a meetup. MissExpatCali is also involved in helping to set up meetings. You should send her a friend request.

We don't have any scheduled as this is very preliminary but please join in the conversation. We'd love to have you. MissExpatCali created a survey for interested people to complete to give us an idea of what people want. I'm trying to get the link to the survey and I'll add it here when I get it.

Ray, I was in Cali last year for a school reunion and several groups got together in front of the Hotel Obelisco which has tables along the Rio Cali and is famous for the best empanadas and luladas in town!  A fun spot for a casual group get-together.

Hi Everyone!
I'm very interested in joining a meetup!  Please count me in if there is anything happening.

Hi Tanya,

I'm happy to see this from you. MissExpatCali, Vivieke and AustrianAcrobat, among others, have talked about meeting but so far only MissExpatCali and I have actually met for lunch. Please tell me how your schedule is and when it's convenient for you.

I'd like to add you as a friend here too.


Hey, do you live in Cali?

Hey, I would like to join if you're willing to make another plan to discuss about this meeting

My schedule is fairly open right now.  Maybe we can set a time for esto grupo de expats para un poco almuerzo o desayuno para esta Sábado o Domingo?? :-)

I recomend Empandas at the Hotel Obelisco next to the Rio Cali.  Wish I was in Cali to join you: … tment.html

Yeah would be great, you can contact me on whatsapp *** and we can make a group chat for us so it wikk become easier to discuss about it

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I'm really interested

Hi again everyone!  I see we have some interest here so I went ahead and created a quick 'google form' to get some suggestions for times and places for a meetup.  Here is the link:    I believe everyone can see the results as they come in so please let me know if you have any difficulty.  Hope to see everyone soon!

Hello friends! I'm an American traveler, shooting to be in Cali for the next month. (And if I love it, maybe longer... :). Looking to learn Spanish & Salsa, and would love to meet any of y'all! Shoot me a message if you'd be up for a meal or a drink.


Hi!  Let us know if you need anything.


Matthew and Sandra

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