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Hello I am  a ayurveda therapist. And I am from srilanka. I can speak and wright hindi, basic tamil, german,russian. Sinhalees,english too. Also I can cook srilankan and some of indian curry and savor. I am looking for a good job oppertunity. Pls some one intrested just keep in touch with me

Please post your CV / ad in the JOBS section.

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As Romaniac pointed out above, this forum is not the right place to find a job - but you can get lots of good advice about how to do a job search in Germany: Just use the search function with the right keywords and read related discussions from the past!
Regarding your personal situation: If you want to work as a therapist, you should get certified as "Heilpraktiker" (alternative medical practitioner) first. This requires 1 - 3 years of part-time courses (compared to seven years of full-time studies for full medical doctors). Please note that most medical practitioners here are self-employed, which is very difficult for a non-EU foreigner to achieve, and many are quacks (I know: I live right next to one!).
If you want to work as cook, I think it is best you contact Indian restaurants to ask for job opportunities.

As Beppi pointed out, one would really need to get licensed as a "Heilpratiker". But to start up a practice as a foreigner is difficult. I can only imagining this working out by associating with another person or group who thinks someone specialized in Ayurveda would complement what they already offer. Or possibly one could find support through a yoga school or other association that could give referrals to clients.

Germany allows such things and homeopathic medicines, for example, are readily available in normal pharmacies. But such things are also not recognized as effective mainstream therapies and thus are not covered under normal medical insurance. One also needs to communicate. It is a plus that you know so many languages but I have to question your proficiency. One would expect English to be a Sri Lankan's second language. I would hope your German is better than your English, which to be honest is not very good.

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