Sending money back to UK

Can someone recommend the best rate and company to send/transfer money back to UK from Saudi. ( I am using my bank but wanted if there was a company with better rates and less charges).

What bank / method are you using now to send money bank? And who do you bank with in the UK? I have just moved and was going to open SABB account as this is owned by HSBC.

If you don't mind the hassle you can use AlAmoudi but to be honest there's not a lot in it unless you're sending over 20K riyals a month.

I normally use NCB, the rate is OK and it costs me 50 Riyals to send.

Thanks for the reply. Wheres NCB?

If you are sending money from KSA using a local bank account, it will depend on your account category;
- With premium account, you'll not be charged fees to send money (*).
- With normal account, most banks will charge you 50SAR for each transaction.

(*) Actually it's not totally free, the fees will not show in your statement but you'll receive the money in your UK account with 25GBP deducted. I tried both LIoyds and HSBC and it's the same.

If you want transfer I'm work in AlRajhiBank if you help about good rates I'm ready


I've never been charged for receiving money but then again I bank with Halifax.

It's interesting to know HSBC charge!

There is this company called currencies direct that helps sending money back home and save up on those monthly transfers
U can contact Cameron.hamilton at


Hi - I assume that you are talking about your local bank doing the conversion into GBP and then making the payment to the UK in GBP as an international transfer? Don't you find the rates really bad?

I am looking to use specialist FX companies (Caxton FX, Currencies direct etc) but they all have their SAR accounts with either Barclays or RBS in London and in my experience my bank, Riyad Bank, is unable to make a SAR payment to a SAR denominated bank account in the UK. Computer says no.

Any ideas?

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