Money/Time for Marriage

Typically, how much time, in days, does it take to get married in Tunisia (no celebration-simple); and, how much does all the paperwork and fees cost?

When I came to Tunisia I had my birthday certificate issued within 3 months. I arived on the 18th and we were married by the 24th, but I think we could have been ready faster.
We had an appointment with the  u.s. consulate to get a paper that says I am free to marry.  We also had already made an appointment with the man who was to marry us.
I believe that the us embassy charged us 50 dollars for that paper. And I have no idea what the man who married us charged.

Thanks so much! There's so many different stories on this subject. Lol.

So, I have my bc. Now I just need the appointment with embassy. Do they have a list of who will marry us in our city? Our plans of "celebrate" will be a few days away. :)

The paper the embassy gives you is basically a afidavit that says you are free to marry. I'm not sure how you find a person who can marry you, my husband took care of that, but it wasn't through the embassy.

Thanks again! And good luck with your marriage.  :heart:

Do we have to apply and/or file anything "before" our appointment for the marriage in Tunis?

Sorry. I don't understand the question

:D  Sorry, I was this thinking about how my fiancé can get to America "after" we are married.

You can apply for a fiancé visa if you would rather be married in the states.
You won't be filing anything with the us embassy however it will all be through the mail.
If you get married in tunisia you don't have to give the us anything until you file for your visa. Then they will need a certified translated copy of your marriage certificate.
Also I forgot to mention before that you and your future husband need to take medical test before you can be married in tunisia.
If you have ever been married they will need proof the marriage has ended before they will allow you to wed

Thanks bunches!!! Do you know which way is the cheapest and quickest?

Getting married in tunisia is probably the cheapest in terms of wedding prices.
I'm not sure which visa is the quickest, I think they all kinda take the same amount of time 6 months to a year. All visa cost a you a pretty penny, I believe the cheapest visa is the I-130. With any of the visas you will need to sponsor the intended immigrant and their are minimum income requirements.

Oh this is great  :(  I left everything to come here. So there's no job or bank to go to. Looks like we are screwed big time!  :unsure  :/   :unsure

Well there is the option of a co-sponsor who can fill in any gaps in income
You can also apply for a fiancé visa or a k3 visa and return to the states to make up any requirements you may need

Whew! Okay. Sounds better now.  ;)

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