Registering a birth in Honduras

Hello everyone,

Have you had to or are you going to register a birth in Honduras? What was the experience like?

Who is required to register the birth, and where? Can it be either the mother or father?

What documents are usually required in Honduras?

How long does the process to register a birth take? Are there any time limits in which the registration must be completed?

Did you register the birth with your home country and how did that process compare? Will your child be able to have dual nationality?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


You must go to the Register National of Persons with both parents and two witnesses. The original document is not the birth certificate. Although they are not too strict about time limits, I would not wait a long, long time! You fill out the original form along with grandparent's names, then with this document you can get a birth certificate. If the document is for United States citizenship, then you need a long form birth certificate.

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