Marriage to an Honduras

I am about to get married to an Honduran lady. Once this is done, what do I need to get my residency in Honduras.

You have to apply for a Residency Permit, with a status of HONDURAN RELATIVE.

For that, You will need to hire an Attorney who will file your petition, attaching to the file: a Migration Report from the Migration Office of Honduras; a Copy of your Passport, a Power of Attorney, an Original of your Marriage Certificate, a Certificate of Birth of your Wife.

I am Married to a Honduran woman for 12 years now. Beware, 3 lawyers took me for a ride financially.
the first 10 years were filled with lies and deceit. from both lawyers and migration. thankfully a lot of that has been put an end to. within 10 years I paid out approximately 12,000 dollars to lawyers and migration. And My records are squeaky clean, never been arrested in my life. I have no criminal record,
that may have been part of my problem. since i never in my life had to deal with lawyers, I was thinking I pay them to do a job, and they look out for my better interest. Come to find out they look out for their better interest and get their friends in on it. Rules to follow are 1) never ever pay them up front (they will just spend that and want more, giving you endless excuses.) This should solve any problems. if they say they need the money first. immediately drop them and get another lawyer.

finally after 4 lawyers one I had to sue to get some of my money back for a job they never done. two others are now on the wanted list. they last one worked out ok, She was a lawyer from teguse. she gave me instructions on exactly what to do, no runarounds no bs, 4 months later My residency was done!
her charge was 12,000 limperas. now after being in Honduras for 15 years I have to renew my residency and drivers license every year. and show a recent proof that I am still married to a Honduran. and by the way Roatan will not print out my marriage certification or my wifes ID. they said I was married in San Pedro Sula and have to get it form there! I wonder if there is some resason for this or they just lying to me. good luck I hope this helps.

Hello Barry 2b2. Can you give the contact details. For the Lawer that you used. I am trying to get residency from being married to a Honduran. But don't want to be taken for a ride. Thank you.

I may be allowed to give out names on here but here goes a try, she lives in Tegucigalpa, Feyga Cerna, you can look her up I hope.

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