Retiring in Prague

Hi, I am considering retiring to Prague from the U.S.  late 2018 and have several questions.  I will be visiting in a couple of weeks and I want to do some leg work while I'm there.

(1) any experiences retirees wish to share, good or bad?
(2) what neighborhoods do most expats live in? 
(3) would there be difficulty getting a job teaching English?
(4) how much would it take for a single person to live comfortably (not lavishly) in Prague?

I am really excited about the prospect of moving to Europe and experiencing the various cultures!

Hi Ramona,

I am also considering relocating to Prague with my cat and dog for my "second act." I am planning to move in early 2018.
I spent a month there in 2016 while I was enrolled in a TEFL course. My plan is to pick up a job as an english teacher.
Enjoy your visit and let me know if I can answer any questions.

Thanks for your reply. I just left Prague this morning, but would like to hear about your experiences. Where are you from?  I too have a dog and cat, so that will be part of the adventure.  At least they'll have an easier time picking up the language. ;-) 
I am on my way to Zagreb for the first time to further my research.

I am from Ohio. I would love to hear about your experiences as well. Message me and we can discuss.

Hi Ramona, I'm also thinking of retiring to Prague. My son works there and loves it so I am thinking of buying a modest flat.

I'd be glad to have any helpful information you may have uncovered.

All the very best,

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