Considering moving to Norway for long term

Hi everyone!

Utkarsh here from India. I am a professional consultant with a major international consulting firm in strategies and operations division. I have over half a decade of work of experience and am now considering moving to Norway.

For over two years, I have researched about the Scandinavian education system, which is considered as one of the best in the world. Therefore, I am keen to acquire a Masters' degree in Norway.

Additionally, I would like to leverage my work experience and settle down in Norway for good.

While I have been to Europe a few times, I have never lived there for more than a week.

Having lived out of India almost all my life and having a very highly diverse friends' circle, fitting in another country or culture has never been an issue for me.

I have a few questions for all the expats and Norwegian friends here:

1- What are the higher education prospects in Norway? I am considering two streams: International strategies, and Renewable energy management. Which of these are recommended?

2- What are the job prospects in the long term for a skilled non-Norwegian person?

3- How long does it take to learn Norwegian to be able to integrate well with the society? I have had a limited self- taught experience with German and found it quite easy.

4- If selected, how can one bring dependent parent to Norway? Do I have to agree to special terms and conditions by the Norwegian government?


Hi. Have you found your awnser ?? Or still wondering ??

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