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I am looking for a place to move in Mexico but cannot find a perfect one so far. I went to zihuatanejo this June to explore if I like it. It was too hot, too noisy and too dirty in my opinion. And I am not spoiled American. I am originally from Ukraine. I am looking for a simple life. I love nature, hiking, gardening. I am a very light sleeper and there were always cars or stray dogs making noise. I love ocean but I love clean lakes and rivers too. Is there place with not too hot, but not too cold climate, lakes , rivers and waterfalls, the more the better, lots of greenery and not much noise?  I am single, 45, will be working from home online, so I do need internet. I am fine with some culture life but I am not a big fan of theatre or things like that. I am having hard time finding lush greenery in Mexico. It is either tropical climate or arid mountain. But I am sure there is , that is why I am asking here.

Coatepec, Veracruz

Read a little about it here Wikipedia does Coatepec

Thank you. I am researching now.

It all depends on where you want to live (mountains, beaches, small mexican town, touristy or not, etc).

My wife and I travelled Mexico for more then 13 years before finding what we think is perfect for us...but this might not good for someone else.

So, the best would be that you travel, visit, visit and explore many areas in Mexico.

Buena suerte en su proyecto, GyC.

The rainy season in the lake chapala area is June to October, weather is mild. Mountains are very green during rainy season. On the other hand very dry in the months leading up to the rain .

I am thinking about coming down there and checking it out. Also since I am not retired yet, I will need to work. I have few accounting clients that I can serve over the internet but curious if there is any need for a cpa services in the expat community. I don't mind to set up a little tax prep shop to earn some extra income.

What about Comala, Colima? Is anyone there? Could you tell me more about the place?
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Itobys :

What about Comala, Colima? Is anyone there? Could you tell me more about the place?
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I would suggest that you look through the membership list for people who might live in your areas of interest.
If it were me I would look for another place  given that "State of Colima Interior Secretary Arnoldo Ochoa González attributed the rise in violence to turf wars between the Jalisco New Generation Cartel and the Sinaloa Cartel"
Tecoman in Colima is currently being considered the most violent city in Mexico for that reason.
"The only state where there are more municipalities in the top 10 is Guerrero with four. Two are in Michoacán and one in Baja California."

Thank you. I have come across some info yesterday but did not know full details. Sounds scary. I went to zihuatanejo without knowing that it was located in the most violent state. Then I saw small open trucks packed with armed militants on streets everywhere. Looked scary when you are not used that kind of lifestyle. But at the same time all Mexican people assumed I was Mexican. I didn't look like American. Well, I am not. I am from Ukraine originally. So I hope once I learn Spanish, I will blend in. I don't care about high life, jewelry, mani-pedi and other material things so I hope I will be easier for me. I am a total introvert and feel the happiest when alone.

Can anyone tell me about Loreto on the Baja. MY wife and I are thinking about moving here full time and will be visiting it in March. We are looking for an area that has lower rainfall and humidity for most of the year. Are there any expats living there now. I would appreciate talking to them


It is on my list of places to visit too. The seawater is cooler in winter though, so the  swimming for me would be possible only July-October but I guess it would be enough time to enjoy the water but I like lower humidity and the cost of living seems to be lower than some other popular areas with expats. That area reminds of Greece and I love Greece.

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