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I have a question in regards to obtaining a permit card. First of all, my boyfriend is danish and he is moving to Sweden in a couple of weeks for work. I have been planning to move with him for a while now. I was reading into Swedish immigration laws and they seem easier than the ones in Denmark. Either way, my question is how long is the waiting time for getting a permit card? I see there is an option to apply if you are married and a second one in which you can apply to become a cohabitating partner  (website says 14-17 months of waiting time). We haven't lived together, however we have traveled and stayed in each others country max for a month. My concern is if we don't get married and we choose the other option, what documents we need to provide? and also, would the process be longer if we don't marry? and last question, the permit card is only valid to work in Sweden correct? By the way I am not a EU citizen.

if anyone can share their story i would really appreciate it.

Thanks so much in advance

Well Firstly nice to know you.
I my self just currently moved to sweden. I am Indonesian and my husband is british. We married on December 2016. My husband been living and working in sweden about 4years. And i came to sweden on 3rd of July 2017. Then we applied Residence card on 25th of july and granted on 11th of August 2017. So it was not more than 1month. And i feel so lucky that im not waiting for my residence card for that long.
So.. As long as your bf got a job and got place to live i think that would be easier for you.
My husband knows alot everything bout this. If you need more information just ask me and i would ask my husband how to respond you.
But if you married everything gets more easier. Because they need you to prove that you been living together..contract living.. And job contract and etc.

Thanks so much for replying ! : ) Yea we were thinking of getting married as we know is easier and well we love each other so its not a problem :)  I am amazed at how fast your permit card came through! 1 month is super fast. How long is your permit card valid for? Did u apply online on migrationsverket?

I applied online yes. And it's valid 5 years. My husband said if you are married. It gets you easier. But your husband must be able to prove that he has a job contract and residence contract before you applied. Less than 1 month for sure. Count it i applied on 25th july and granted on 11th August. And Card sent on 17th.
Glad to share with you. I wish you as lucky as me.
When you get a residence card off course you allowed to work, to open your bank account, to register your personal number, your insurance.. Everything.

Thanks for the information again! I'm glad yours came out very fast! 😊Another quick question,  that swedish permit card is only valid to work in Sweden, and no other EU country correct?

Yes You right.

Hi Crista,

I have applied for residence card and sent my application in person. Its been a month now and i havent reveived any letters or emails regarding my case. Do you know if i should just wait because everytime i called the office no one seem to answer. One more question, if i havent been granted residence card can i travel out of schengen?


Hello everyone good to read all comment and posting  in this forum more ideas  could help us. I submitted my application last September after 5 months got my email from consulate manila to book interview a month after soon my interview schedule hoping for the best and more patience about it becuase it says maximum 14 to 17months but not all cases some are less than or tale longer to all applicants all we can do be patience and pray for it who knows miracle happen just pray pray pray Goodluck to all and thank you also to the people who share your advices and vi ing us tips too good day

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