Waiting time for permanent residence permit

Hi I'm wura, I applied for residence permit in October 2017 and sent all the proves in December 2017. Got my interview in early May 2018 because I had to go to Sweden after the wedding in January. Last time my husband called the migration office they just had a person to handle on my case after waiting long time. Now I got anxious if they reject my application. We're so excited but depressed, we got time to meet each other once in 3-4 months. My friend who is in college in uppsala and get her permit in 2 weeks said I should call this person in charge personally. But my husband doubt it. I have a question, how long more do I need to wait? We're so tired of this long distance. Advices and informations all i need. Thanks!  :heart:

What ever the decision they make they have to let you and your husband know about that so they have not rejected your application for sure.

https://www.migrationsverket.se/English … ision.html

I took a wild guess on some of your details and filed the format above for you and according to that your waiting period will be 11 to 15 months. If I filled with incorrect information you can fil it again with right info and then it will say you how long the period will be. All the best!

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