Moving in with Swedish partner

Hi everyone!

I'm Roma, my boyfriend is Swedish and we're looking to move in together as soon as possible. We've met here in the Philippines this March.

Could you please share any advice? Should we go straight for applying for a residence permit as future spouse? Or should I visit him there first then come back home then apply for residence permit?

We just want to be with each other and be able to build a life together the soonest. I miss him so much. 1f614.svg

Thank you for those who'll answer.

Hope you have a great day! 1f60a.svg

@Olma Your relationship is not long enough. Your application will likely wait for couple of months before any decision is made. I believe a trip to Sweden might help you but still the relationship has to last for a couple of months to be considered as a serious one.

@ekhfaiz Hi there, thank you for responding!

Not sure if it matters but we've been together since January and just met in person on March.

We're planning to apply when he has moved to the apartment we plan to live in which is on July because that's when he can get the necessary documents.

Would it make sense to try?

+ Do you think it matters if his pay matches just exactly the maintenance requirement for cohabiting partners? Would it be better to apply when he earns more?

Hi they will require at least 2 years of relation before the application and prove it pics messages mails.. when you apply consider around 18 months from the online aplication to get your resident.

@beAbarros Hiya! I see! Thank you so much for this info!!! Haven't seen this anywhere so you just saved us a lot of time and effort that would've gone to waste. I'll just visit him for now or find a job there instead 1f60a.svg

@Olma I believe you have got a fairly good idea now of your situation vs what it should be to get a positive outcome.

Migration agency in the new guidelines are very much interested in the financial standing of all concerned in the visa application. So just being on the threshold, is not a good situation, there should be some buffer. I guess now he has some time to work on that.

Finding a job and coming through that pathway is of course quite a good option.

Hello! I am in a similar situation as you as my boyfriend is Swedish.

You don't necessarily have to be in a relationship for over 2 years but you would have to build a strong case to prove your relationship is real. I have seen lots of success stories of people who got approved after their first year together. Me and my partner have been dating for just over one year and I submitted my application in October. I did contact my local embassy before to explain the situation as I was under the impression they may not take me seriously as it wasn't a super long relationship. However, they said it was 100% possible and took me through all the details of what to put in my application. In my country my embassy said processing time was 12-14months anyway so we knew we would have plenty of time to visit each other and gather evidence. We submit photographs together, accounts of dates we have had, airline tickets and I have done some courses relevant to my degree that will help me in Sweden.

The difference between our situations is I am in the UK so we visit each other every 3 months and have therefore submitted a bunch of evidence and have a good case, this may be harder due to your distance. I think you should visit in each others country, make sure you take lots of photos together, have a good first date, take time with each others friends and families and then send the application off! You can always get him to visit you while your application is pending to gather more evidence and email it to them while they process your case. The distance can be the only harder thing for you for proving your relationship but don't let it discourage you from applying so long as you are both willing to put hard work into making the effort. Good luck!

@abigaileex OP comes from a high migration risk country. Do you think that is irrelevant & will not factor in?

@ekhfaiz While I see and understand your perspective on this, a lot of the success stories I was talking about were also from these countries too and I spent quite some time reading into different situations to make sure I did it 100% correctly. It will definitely be harder for a lot of people/destinations but the way you are commenting is saying as though it is virtually impossible when it's not. I was simply sharing my experience with the application and what I have read up on..

@abigaileex  I never said it's impossible, could you point it out where I said that? I just pointed to some realistic considerations. Perhaps read my responses again.